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The Brand 


Sole Inspiration Ltd, a small leather accessory company, was started in November 1999 in Accra, Ghana, where the workshop and showroom are now permanently located.  Gill Quarcoopome has been producing leatherwork many years before that. She has been creating with leather for over 30 years in both UK and Ghana.

In the 70's Gill went to Greece with 2 shoe knives wanting to learn the art of sandal making. and came back with an abundance of enthusiasm to explore all the possibilities of working with leather. Helped by an Irish friend and a short saddlery course, she learnt to produce sandals in a range of designs from baby sizes to 48 men's or custom-made. As well as sandals, her products included items made to customer specifications from a telescope case, a motorcycle seat, a medicine bag or a decorated briefcase. Based in a small workshop in Sheffield, UK, she extended her range, exhibited at trade fairs and supplied boutiques with an unusual and colourful selection of bags, belts and high quality accessories.​

The traditional skills of hand cutting, stitching, dyeing and finishing are still used in producing many items in her range. Being in Ghana has meant keeping that classic feel of cowhide leather while experimenting with the endless possibilities of decoration. She can choose from an endless and extravagant selection of colourful, recycled Ghanaian glass beads, old trade beads, new brass, horn and bamboo beads, coconut shell or antique fittings. A simple key ring, bracelet or a flamboyant signature belt takes inspiration from the combination of these decorative elements.

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