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The Leather

Skins and hides have been used since the earliest civilisations giving leather a place within almost every human activity.

The skin of any animal - cow, goat, sheep, crocodile, snake, ostrich, eel or fish can be preserved with vegetable and plant extracts, or chemicals from the laboratory to produce an infinitely versatile, flexible and durable material. Leather is so inspiring as each skin or hide has its own shape, texture and surface finish either the natural marks and creases of the animal or tannery-created patterns and grain. In time it moulds to the demands of the owner, whether the unique imprint on a shoe or sandal, the curve of a waist, the folds of a jacket, the stress of a horse and rider or the gentle

hollow in a chair.

The smell of fine leather will attract in the same way as freshly ground coffee or bread just taken from the oven. It is a material many people appreciate and yearn to have, so Sole Inspiration offers you a choice of accessories and designs combining fine leathers and creativity.


We use mainly vegetable-tanned cowhide of various thicknesses sourced from Europe so that consistent quality can be maintained for all orders. Warm tan, chocolate brown, wine red or ebony black are mainly used, but recently we have added textured soft leathers in a wild selection of colours to make a collection of vibrant and stunning accessories.


The logo uses the Aya fern leaf, a Ghanaian Adinkra symbol, to express the qualities of endurance and perseverance that reflect the inspiration of the company.

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